What is The Trading Space? Who is Dominick Muniz?

This is my first time posting a blog post on my site. I thought that I’d give you some information about myself, what The Trading Space is, and what I plan to do.

Hello! Thank you for visiting The Trading Space!

To start, my name is Dominick Muniz.

Why did I create The Trading Space?

I found myself for a long time excitedly telling friends and strangers about interesting finds in the world of investing. Interesting information that I learned went online via Snapchat, Facebook, Stocktwits and linkedIn.

Quickly, I found that those websites weren’t the platform for doing this.

So I wanted to start The Trading Space. I’m creating this website in order to host my ideas and things I find interesting. My plan is to research and write articles explaining the fundamentals and eventually write more opinionated blog posts.

Informational and educational content is the theme of The Trading Space. Beginners and experienced traders alike will be able to use The Trading Space as a resource. The goal is to host this content in the most user-friendly manner possible. I want users to be able to easily find their desired content, whether that is a particular strategy, explanation of a trading term or something else.

Who am I, the creator?

I am super interested in finance, trading equities and options. My time is consistently spent trying to learn as much about trading indicators, economic trends and analysis as possible. Basically all day, everyday, is spent doing this; I have a love for investing.

Personally, I made quite a bit of trades on stock equities over the past year. Probably close to 300 trades from April to June alone. Which was enough trading so that TD Ameritrade offered me a $2.90 trade commission — before all retail brokers started doing free trades on equities.

What I am looking to do here:

  • I think that by keeping a public journal of my ideas I will begin to be much more thoughtful about them. As they say, “Teaching is the best form of learning”. By explaining my ideas, I will force myself to thoroughly consider the in’s and outs of them. I have to convey my ideas and knowledge to someone else. Explaining ideas to others will cause my thinking to shift.
  • Posting my ideas publicly will keep me devoted to my ideas. My effort towards the things that I attempt will become stronger. The cost of giving up and not following through will become higher now that my ideas are public.
  • My experience is novice level in the trading field but because I have an addictive passion for learning and discovering investment information, I wish share my finds with people interested in them. I find myself too often posting finance and trading information to my social media outlets to people who couldn’t care less about the info.
  • Honestly, just the action of blogging and building a website will be a fun endeavor. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.

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About the author: Dominick Muniz
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