Video Learning: Python – Coding for Balance Sheet Analysis

This video walks you through python balance sheet analysis. This isn’t really related to my usual technical analysis emphasis. Though, I strongly believe that looking at fundamentals is extremely vital. 

This may be particularly useful for longer term trades and long term investing.

When would I use this?

Maybe you just want a better picture of a company before getting into a trade. Perhaps you don’t want to compute the analysis manually for every company you look into. You can use this to find financially healthy companies and apply this with other filters to help optimize your trades.

This video explains how to create a python program which can look at Balance Sheet. You will be able to compute particular ratios and quickly find companies with preferable looking financial positions.

This is pretty basic so you’ll then want to find out how to find, access, import, compute and apply other ratios that aren’t located in a BS, like a PEG ratio for example. This will help you decide if the current security price is actually undervalued and worth taking a position. Python is useful for tons of different things. It is especially useful for creating tools to help optimize your trading. Python balance sheet analysis is only one step in helping do so. 

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