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Informational and educational content is the theme of The Trading Space. Beginners & experienced traders alike will be able to use The Trading Space as a resource for investment education. Our goal is to host our content in the most organized, user-friendly manner possible.

Users will be able to easily find their desired information, whether that is a particular strategy, or explanation of a trading term.


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About Us

 I am building it as something to help me with my own trading. I learn a lot when writing articles on trading strategies.

Once I get the basic content out of the way and presented, I will focus on using TTS as a platform for blogging and explaining my reasoning for buying certain securities over another during each trading period.

Eventually, I want to live stream my trading sessions on the website.

I really enjoy helping others and teaching others. Instead of spending tons of time explaining a strategy or tip over and over to different friends of mine, I’d love to just be able to direct them to a page on my site instead — which will be more comprehensive than anything I’d be able to recall and say all at once in a single conversation.

The fulfillment of your dream is directly proportional to your desire to succeed and how much you're willing to sacrifice.”

Put in the time to learn; Then, the time to work.

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